Beata Blaszczok - Fine Art Student

My name is Beata Blaszczok. I am a fine art student completing my Bachelors Degree this year in Technological University Dublin. My art practice is based on mixed media and the artworks that I decided to share with you are either work in progress, my notes, research, or the final products from college, past exhibitions or commissions.

Beata Blaszczok was born in the south part of Poland in 1996 close to Polish Tatry, giving her the love for the natural world that’s central to her art practice. Her works are depiction of the artistic concern of protecting the environment through recycling, the complex systems found within the natural world and through investigation of Polish/Irish wild flora through photography and film making.

Other works include the form of a large-scale graphic illustrations that adds up to a site-specific installation, that is a combination of the wall drawing using pen and extended drawing using thread. It is a combination of different forms of natural, man-made system and pattern, motorway/highway systems, repetitive patterns and sequences that occur in nature and finally language. It explores how a number of man-made and natural systems can co-exist in a single artwork.

Her recent work is a combination of a number of scientific and social characteristics as a means to discuss our current relationship with nature from an image making perspective and as an ecological imperative. Merging a number of materials and art making strategies. These include drawing photography and film making.








Undergraduate Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art, Technological University Dublin, Grangegorman Lower, Arran Quay, Dublin


Art and Craft Professional Practice Level 6, Liberties College, Bull Alley Street, Dublin 8


Art/Craft/Design Level 5, Errigal College, Windyhall, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal



Honorable Mention - Student Category, Art International Open Art Competition in Tokyo


The Eastern Regional Finalist, Junk Kouture, Ireland


Semi-Finalist in Doodle 4 Google ‘My invention is…’ competition, Ireland


Regional Finalist in Doodle 4 Google ‘To me happiness is…’ competition, Ireland



19th December 2019

Group Exhibition Symbiosis, installation, Untitled, Photographs, resin paintings, notebook, TU Dublin Grangegorman, 3rd/4th Year Fine Art Studio, Dublin

24th October 2019

Mini Group Exhibition Living Room, installation, TU Dublin Grangegorman, Room NA 103, Dublin

11th April 2019 – 14th April 2019

Group Exhibition Metaphysics, photograph and acrylic paint on slate, Microcosm and Macrocosm, photograph 1189 x 841 mm, painting approx.., 400 x 200 mm, The Cowshed Farmleigh Gallery, Dublin

20th December 2018

Group Exhibition Convergence, site-specific installation Complex System, approx. 3000 x 2500mm, Gallery Studio, TU Dublin Grangegorman, Dublin

27th April 2018

Group Exhibition Polyphonic, silent video RRR, 6 min 26 sec, Gallery Studio Technological University Dublin, Grangegorman, Dublin

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